If you are an employee of Harris Teeter, you can access all information you want at MyHTSpace online portal. So if you have problems logging in at MyHTSpace, worry not because you will learn all the steps. After reading this article, you will not have any trouble again because you will learn the inside out.

What is MyHTSpace?

MyHTSpace is an online Employee relationship management for Harris Teeter employees. This MyHTSpace.com online portal helps manage and supervise the work and handle employee benefits and other human resource functions. HT employees can access their virtual work schedules, 401K benefit details, payroll information, etc., but also have the ability to pay for bills.

As a Harris Teeter employee, one can log in to the MyHTSpace portal with your employee ID and passcode. The MYHTSPACE login portal is only for Harris Teeter employees.


You will access aspects such as virtual work schedules, benefit details, payroll information, etc., but also have the ability to pay for bills.

Many employees need to use the MyHTSpace login portal, but plenty of individuals lack ideas on how to go about it.

Therefore, if you do not comprehend anything about the login process on the portal, you have to consider the guide below to register, log in, and enjoy the benefits of existing on the login portal.         

Upon registration and obtaining your user ID and password, it can often imply ease and a direct way of accessing your MyHTSpace account. However, you can still face issues when trying to login into your account. Because of this, consider the following steps when trying to login into your account.

MyHTSpace Login at WWW.MyHTSpace.COM

  1. Go to your browser and type in www.myhtspace.com so that you can get redirected into the MyHTSpace employee benefits gateway.
  2. Here, enter your MyHTSpace username (as you had registered) in the initial text box.
  3. You then have to enter your passcode into the second text box. Ensure that your passcode mirrors everything you had set when registering your account.
  4. Enter and click on the “Log in” button to proceed and access your employee account.
myhtspace login

Requirements for MyHTSpace Login

  • You will need the MyHTSpace Login website address to access your account on the portal.
  • You will also require a valid password and username to access the MyHTSpace login.
  • Critical to accessing your account on MyHTSpace Login encompasses a functional internet browser.
  • It would be best to have a personal computer or mobile devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that can access reliable internet. 
  • If you have no idea about MyHTSpace, you have to know that it helps Harris Teeter Employees. All employees can access their benefits, Payslips, work schedule, 401k information and other features on the MyHTSpace portal at www.MyHTSpace.com.

How To Register For Harris Teeter Employee Account?

Registration proves critical to the process of owning an account in the MyHTSpace portal. To open a Harris Teeter employee account, consider these;

  • Open your internet browser and type in the www.myhtspace.com URL in the window and click on the signup button located on the homepage’s right-handed side.
  • Look for the button marked “register” and click on it. 
myhtspace register
  • You will get redirected to a page at this stage, where you have to complete a form with certain details.
myhtspace signup
  • Click the button christened continue and fill the form based on the instructions.
  • Follow all the instructions and at the end of each page, proceed by using the button marked continue. Here details entail aspects such as SSN, company key, DOB, etc.
  • On the redirected page, craft a strong password and username for your account’s portal access. 
  • You will then get email verification for your MyHTSpace account, and you need to follow the verification link to complete the registration process. 
  • Ensure that you note your password and username somewhere to prevent you from forgetting them. At this moment, you will have successfully registered.

Recover Forgotten Harris Teeter Employee Login Password

It would be best to have a unique and strong passcode for your account registration on MyHTSpace Login. Therefore you need to consider incorporating one special character, at least one small caps letter or one large-cap letter, and one number.

If you have forgotten your account’s password or username, then it becomes pivotal to reset it. To do this successfully, consider the following.

  • Open your internet browser and search for www.myhtspace.com
  • Go to forgot your password or username and click the button
  • The next step entails identity verification.
  • Enter your SSN (social security number) company key, and DOB respectively
  • Click on the button christened continue to complete the process
  • Upon completion, you will have retrieved your login details for your account  
myhtspace password reset

Browser Requirements to Access MyHTSpace.Com

You can access the MyHTSpace Login portal using various browsers. However, each browser needs to have a specific set of specifications. 

  • You need an internet explorer (Microsoft) of version nine upwards to access the portal.
  • You require a version four or higher Mozilla Firefox browser to access the MyHTSpace.
  • Apple Safari browsers require versions 5.1 upwards to access the portal
  • It would be best if you also had version 28 and higher of Google Chrome browsers to access the portal and your account
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768
  • You have to enable your cookies  to ensure you gain access to the portal
  • Your JavaScript has to get enabled on the site to gain access to the MyHTSpace website portal
  • You also need to ensure that your style sheets get enabled on the site to gain access to the portal

Benefits of MyHTSpace Login

If you register and own an account on the MyHTSpace portal, you can enjoy some incredible benefits from the Harris Teeter Company. Benefits in this instance include the following.

  • Legitimate profit. Upon completing your company profile on the platform, your family benefits since you provide all the necessary information to receive competitive pay.
  • Clinical assistance. The facility offers its employees life-threatening illness insurance besides issuing covers for medical and dental situations. Such covers and access to clinical health prove critical to the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.
  • Educational aid also forms a critical benefit for employees in the platform, and this assists them to advance in their careers besides improving their application on their respective work. It includes assistance with tuition and job training. 
  • Working conditions. You can achieve a quality life/work balance through the MyHTSpace Login.
  • Remote handicap. The platform allows you to view your work schedule remotely besides applying for amenities such as work leave. You can also contact fellow employees on work matters to improve the company’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Extra subordinate security through savings and retirement plan that matches company contribution
  • Long and short-term disability cover for its employees encompasses another crucial benefit staff enjoys from the platform. It also includes cover for occupational accidents. 
  • Elementary security against illness. You and your family also receive diverse types of free medical services, including medical and life insurance. In addition, it includes dental, mental health, and health insurance. Other incentives include health savings bank accounts, dismemberment, and accidental death insurance.
  • Customized reports such as benefits, human services, and other similar care
  • Malleable spending accounts include healthcare, dependent care, and commuter benefits.
  • VIC card (Associate) reduction
  • Retirement and financial plan also form a crucial benefit for employees on the MyHTSpace portal. You get a pension plan, retirement plan, 401K plan, performance bonus, gift matching (charitable), extra worker compensation, and staff stock purchase strategy.

MyHTSpace Login Issues

Logging into your MyHTSpace account can have challenges, ranging from connectivity to incorrect usernames or passwords.

However, if you encounter any challenges during your login attempts, you must consider the following to ensure you get the issues addressed.

  • You have to check the browser and, if possible, use a different one if the one you use proves unresponsive. For instance, you can change from Mozilla to Google Chrome or the opposite, when either one fails to work.
  • You should also try and use a different device to search and access your MyHTSpace account. For example, switch from your tablet to your laptop to access your MyHTSpace account to the portal.
  • You also need to try and clear any cache material. At times, the cache can impede your internet speed and connectivity issues when accessing the MyHTSpace website portal.
  • You also have to ensure that you have working and reliable internet connectivity.

MyHTSpace Portal’s WFMR ESS

A vital segment of the MyHTSpace portal encompasses the WFMR ESS, though many people often prove oblivious to its existence. So what does WFMR ESS entail? First, it implies Worcester Family Medicine Residency with ESS standing for employee self-service.

The portal becomes instrumental in monitoring the work schedule and working hours of MyHTSpace staff. In addition, superiors can also use the platform to collect all the necessary information within the same space.

Additionally, employees can inform their corresponding superiors about their work availability besides scheduling and requesting leave days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age of working at Harris Teeter? 

You need to become at least sixteen years old to get employed by the company and register for an account on the MyHTSpace portal.

What benefits can I get from holding an account on MyHTSpace Portal? 

You can receive various benefits by getting employed by HT. benefits include health, wellness and insurance plans, parenting and family, perks and discounts, time off and vacations, professional support, etc.

How can I apply for a Harris Teeter vacancy online? 

You can apply for an HT job opportunity by checking the official HT portal at https://www.harristeeter.com/careers.

Can I sell my product at Harris Teeter? 

Yes, you can, and all you need to do entails contacting the HT corporate headquarters.

What is MyHTSpace? 

It implies a web portal that Harris Teeter employees can register, log in and enjoy various benefits that accompany such an account.

MyHTSpace Login Conclusion

If you got employed by Harris Teeter and had to register and login into your account on the MyHTSpace, you will need to comprehend the ins and outs of the platform.

However, if you also lack the necessary know-how when it comes to registration and logging into your account, you can rely on the insights provided in the article. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the benefits that accrue from MyHTSpace.  

MyHTSpace is an instrumental part of the organizational and working model of the Harris Teeter supermarket.

Additionally, it demonstrates the impact such centralized and simple access to information can have on the functionality and effectiveness of employees.