Ways To Earn Harris Teeter Fuel Points

Harris Teeter values its customers a lot. That’s why they have a lot of offers for their customers. One of the enjoyed offers by frequent customers is the fuel points. Earning these points will help you fuel your car at a discounted price at any Harris Teeter fuel center. 

For one to earn these points, you must be a frequent shopper at any of the stores. Are you interested in earning the points but you don’t know how? Well, worry less as this article will guide you through how you can start earning the points for myhtspace users.

Earning fuel points is of great advantage. With the points, you can fuel your car at any of Harris Teeter’s fuel centers. This helps you save a lot of cash and at times you can fuel your car for free as the fuel points will cater for the cost. However for one to earn these points, you must have a VIC card.


If you are a frequent customer at any Harris Teeter stores and you don’t know how to earn the fuel points. Worry less as this article will guide you through the whole process. The procedure is simple. Therefore there is no need to panic. There are several procedures to follow for you to start earning the points.

What Are Harris Teeter Fuel Points?

Fuel points are a program by Harris Teeter to its customers.  Customers who shop frequently are given fuel points depending on the items they purchase. The more you shop in any of their stores the more points you get.

Simple Ways To Earn The Harris Teeter Fuel Points

There are several ways on how to start earning fuel points. They are as follows:

1. Buying Items At Any Store of Harris Teeter

Purchasing items in any of their stores is the number one way of earning fuel points. This works in a way that you earn one fuel point per hundred dollars you spend. This means that anytime you shop at any of their stores, you are awarded one point on every a hundred dollars you spend. Some items are like alcohol and tobacco are excluded.  When you purchase the two you will not earn the fuel points.

2. Purchasing Retailer Gift Cards

Customers who purchase gift cards at any of Harris Teeter stores receive fifty fuel points. You can only be awarded these points when you shop using your VIC card. For every gift card worth twenty-five dollars, you are awarded fifty points. Therefore it is advisable to always carry your VIC card along.

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3. Non Federally Funded Prescriptions

Customers who purchase this prescription are awarded fifty fuel points. This means that for every non-funded prescription you purchase, you are awarded fifty fuel points. However, for this, you are required to have your VIC card.

How Do the Fuel Points Work?

The fuel points earned when making purchases work when it comes to fueling your car at any Harris Teeter fueling center. With the points in your VIC card, whenever you are at any fueling center, all you need to do is just give the attendant your VIC card and the points will be redeemed automatically. 

This helps you in saving your money and at times you can fuel your car without paying any cent.

How to Check Your Harris Teeter Fuel Points?

With your VIC card, it is very simple to check your fuel points. The following are the steps on how to check on fuel points.

Step 1: Go To The Official Website

The procedure begins by going to the company’s official website at myhtspace.com

Step 2: VIC Account

Click on the option of VIC account. Two fields will appear one for VIC card number and Password

Step 3: VIC Card Number

Here fill in your VIC card number.

Step 4: Password

Fill in your password and click the login option.

Step 5: Now Log into your VIC Account

When you are done filling the VIC card number and password field, click the button that says “log in” and you can now view your fuel points.

How to Use Your Harris Teeter Fuel Points?

The points are redeemable only at any of Harris Teeter’s fuel stations.  All you need is to frequently shop at any of Harris Teeter’s stores to increase your points. Anytime you are at the petrol station, use your VIC card and you will be given discounts and at times the fuel points can cater fully for the cost. This helps you save your money.


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The article has provided all the information on Harris Teeter fuel points. The article has a lot discussed on how you can increase your points and also how to redeem them. To get to know more about the fuel points you can log into their website and get any other additional information you need to know.

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