Harris Teeter Supermarket Coupons

The supermarket offers its customers coupons. A coupon is a voucher that enables customers to get discounts on some products. The coupon helps one save money and also one can purchase a variety of products as they will pay less money.

To enjoy these excellent offers you need to be a customer of Harris Teeter Supermarket. If you are an employee at harris teeter, then you can get avail employee benefits at the MyHTSpace.com portal.

Harris Teeter Supermarket is an American supermarket that operates 230 stores in the 7 South Atlantic States. The 7 states are Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. 

If you are located in the 7 states in South Atlantic State, make an effort and start shopping with Harris Teeter Supermarket to enjoy the offers. The supermarket has strict policies when it comes to coupons. Below are some of the policies that come along with the coupons.

General Policies of Harris Teeter Coupons

  •         You should redeem the coupon before the expiry date.
  •         Carry along with the coupon the day you are making your purchases.
  •         Use original copies of coupons and not photocopies.
  •         Coupons are not refundable after use.
  •         Coupons are for items only they cannot be exchanged with cash.

Types of Coupons Accepted By Harris Teeter Supermarket

Harris Teeter supermarket accepts only specific coupons when shopping at any of their stores. The coupons accepted include:

Internet Coupons

Coupons from internet manufacturers are accepted at any store of Harris Teeter. Products purchased using free internet coupons are not accepted. Each store accepts only two internet coupons per day. Internet coupons that are not original are not accepted at any store.

Competitor Coupons

Harris Teeter also accepts coupons from competitors. The stores accept coupons that are only for money orders. They do not accept coupons on specific items. Competitor coupons that Harris Teeter only accepts are one from local competitors.

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An advantage of rainchecks is that they never expire and Harris Teeter gladly accepts them. Even though rainchecks do not expire, it does not cater for items that are out of stock. In case you want a certain item and it’s out of stock the raincheck cannot cater for that product.

Double Coupons

Harris Teeter stores accept also double coupons. Only 20 coupons are accepted by the stores per day. This coupon only caters to double items. Triple items cannot be catered for by the double coupons. Identical items from the manufactures coupon can be tripled.

Scan Guarantee

Scan guarantee works in a way that if an item you have purchased items and the items scans a price higher than the price tag on the shelf, you will be given another exact item for free as compensation. Tobacco and alcohol are not compensated if such an incidence happens.

Coupons Offered by Harris Teeter Supermarket

Harris Teeter supermarket offers coupon programs that enable you to purchase items at a discounted price. It is through their programs that you will get to enjoy other offers that they provide. Here are some of the programs that they give to their customers.

1. VIC Card Program

VIC program allows customers to receive discounts on products in any store they shop. If you have a VIC card this will benefit you a lot. With the card, anytime you shop you give the cashier your card to receive discounts.

2. e-VIC Program

This is a program that operates via email. Customers who shop at any store of Harris Teeter get to be informed through email on the items they buy frequently if they are on sale or not. Customers under this program get notified weekly on the item that is on sale.

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3. e-VIC Coupon

Customers are also issued e-VIC coupons. With this customers can directly link this with their manufacturer coupon and when they pay for the items using the card they get their discounts automatically.

Advantages Of Harris Teeter Coupon

Coupons come along with many advantages when you shop using them. Below are some of the advantages of using the Coupon to shop

  •         Saves your money as most items you will purchase at a discounted price.
  •         When you use the coupon it enables one to purchase more items.
  •         With the Coupons, you can purchase items for free. More so items you cannot afford.
  •         Coupons help you decide when and when not to shop.


The article has provided all the required information you need to know about Harris Teeter Supermarket Coupons. All customers who shop at any store of Harris Teeter should take advantage and join the programs offered by the supermarket to enjoy the offers. With the coupons, it enables you to even purchase products that you did not have enough cash to purchase.

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