How to Reset Harris Teeter Password and Username?

Why do people change their passwords? There are many reasons why people change or reset their credentials. Some of the reasons why people change or reset passwords and usernames are:

  • You randomly forget the password. Here, you cannot access your account, so the only way in is through resetting the password.
  • Security concerns. It is necessary to change your password regularly to avoid the risks of hackers getting into your account. You can do this after every month or two weeks.
  • You can also have the urge to change it when you feel that someone knows your password. Again, it is a precautionary move that helps.
  • On the username, people change it when they feel like rebranding themselves. You can also find the current username boring, so you work towards making it better.

What is Harris Teeter? 

First, you need to know about Harris Teeter, HT, before getting to know or understand the MyHTSpace Portal. The HT is a type of supermarket chain. It is one of the great superstores in the United States of America, which provides all kinds of FMCG products, pharmaceuticals, and many more. 

HT has an online portal where their customers sign up. The clients benefit a lot from the portal. HT is among the leading in cash benefits and discounts in the region. Harris Teeter assists loyal clients in increasing their chances to earn discounts and profits. A lot of people are not aware of the existence of this online platform.

Like any other online platform, one requires both the password and username to obtain access to it. Once you get into space, you can shop, discover, or make requests. In this piece, you will learn about opening an account in the portal and the problems you may face when using the interface.

The article will also direct you through aspects like:

  • Logging in to Harris Teeter.
  • How to Reset your password or username.
  • How to change your password.
  • Common FAQs about resetting your password and username.
  • Advantages of Using Harris Teeter.

How to Log in to Your MyHTSpace Account?

Registered HT Space members can log in to the site to receive the benefits the supermarket gives.

The steps to follow are:

  • Visit MyHTSpace’s official website.
  • A new page will open, then you meet a box at the center asking you to enter both your username and password. 
  • Fill in the details correctly. 
  • Click on the login key. 
  • At last, you will now be in your account. 

When you are a first-timer in the platform, try familiarizing yourself with the interface. For instant access to the website, you can tick the ‘remember me box. 

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Resetting your MyHTSpace Password or Username

One may forget their passwords depending on the complexity of the password. Any time you forget your password, you only have the choice of resetting the password.

You can follow the instructions below.

  • Visit MyHTSpace’s Official website using your device.
  • Below the password box, you will find a line written in blue, ‘Forgot your password or username.’
  • Click on that text to open a new page on the screen.
  • The new page requires you to key in your ZIP code, Date of Birth, and social media security number. 
  • The system then processes the information then lets you recreate your password or username
  • You then get a notification that sends you to the homepage.
  • Enter the new password or username. 
  • You then press on the login to access the site.

How to Change the MyHTSpace Account Password?

In this context, we refer to the act of changing the password. Hackers might get access to your passwords, so you need to keep changing your passwords regularly.

How do you do that in MyHTSpace? 

  • Visit MyHTSpace’s official website through your mobile phone.
  • Key in your password and username, then log in.
  • Look for the settings on the page’s dashboard. 
  • You then click on the account settings.
  • Click on the password option.
  • It will prompt you to enter the existing password then your new password.
  • Confirm. 
  • Log out of the site.
  • Try logging in using the new password that you set.

Advantages of Using Harris Teeter Portal

Employees from Harris Teeter get lots of benefits. The benefits include:

  1. You can get discounts on certain products. It does not apply only once but every time the customer shops.
  2. The employees can track their working hours through their personalized dashboards.
  3. The members have the freedom to interact with each other through the online portal. 
  4. The portal can address doubts, queries, or issues the employees face at work.
  5. You can register complaints through the portal.
  6. You can receive regular updates by visiting the portal.

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Can you reset your password more than once?

Yes, you can reset your passwords every time you forget or feel like changing them.

Can you reset your password when you lose your email?

No, you can only change your password using the email you used in opening the account. 


The ball now is in your court. Take advantage of the online portal. Sign up for it, then get the discounts that HT offers. The portal has an appealing interface, so use it to total capacity to your desire. Arrange your dashboard and profile in the ways that please you.

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